Birthe 80 Years
Summer Cruise
Dan's 1. skoledag
Anne & Henrik

Very late in January, we decided to give the boys another feel for skiing. Last time was in 2001 when Michael was only 2 years old and too young to try the ski's

We decided on a cottage near "Danebu" in Norway, where Jørgen was taught skiing when he was Daniel's age.

We started Sunday 2 February after having had a scare as the car wouldn't start but just flashing the lights on the dashboard... Consequently everyone was in a mild state of chock, until a change of battery saved the day

To avoid driving the long distance we had booked a cabin on the "Cruise Ship" Pearl of Scandinavia from Copenhagen to Oslo with departure at 17:00.                              

Cabin in "Pearl of Scandinavia"

Upon arrival to Oslo we went to have breakfast with Jørgen's Mother and Sister in Bekkestua west of Oslo.



<<< Family Brems Cross Country Skiing.

Daniel was Cross Country skiing for the very first time and did well.

 A perfect week in Norway was celebrated with a lunch at Jorgen's Mother and her husband Nils' house. Jorgen's brother Halvor brought exciting gifts for the kids.

These came to good use on the boat trip back to Copenhagen.



The traditional "Family sitting on the stairs" picture (a natural place for a family to sit !) was taken by Nils, who had been a great help in getting appropriate skiing equipment to Michael and Daniel.