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January: Enough snow this winter for the kids to play in and the cold weather seems to go on "forever"....

February: Winter continues with low temperatures and more snow. We decided to go and see even more snow, as our good Norwegian friends - Trine & Erik - were kind to offer us to stay a week in their mountain cottage in Ustaoset, Norway.

We enjoyed the stay tremendous and spent most of the skiing time in Geilo where the kids attended the local skiing education. They are now both very good and handle the hills well.

We were invited by other good friends - Lotta & Karsten - for dinner in their "modest" cottage. A wonderful reunion after it had been 13 years since our last meeting. The door is an example of a traditional Norwegian interior.

We left on Saturday 18 February, the 16 years birthday of Jorgen's Dutch nieces and luckily for Us, this was celebrated in Oslo with all of Jorgens family present. A great party.

The week after our return to Denmark, "Fastelavn" was celebrated outside in sunny weather with good neighbors

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March: Still snow and low temperatures, so blessed was the invitation from Trine & Erik to join the celebration of Erik's 60 year birthday on sunny Cyprus. It was not just one day, but a solid 3 days celebration. A great arrangement which will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, it was only Jorgen who experienced all the fun...

April: The local police is providing bicycle education to the young ones. Daniel has been doing well for years, where Michael is just learning.

May: Suzanne left for one week's work in US and was invited to spend a relaxed weekend with Jorgen's aunt and lovely family in White Plains.

"Despite this", the social life continued joining Michael's class in its annual picnic and watching him in his first theater appearance...

Michael is "actively" playing the drums...

June: The boys' school is quite active which we saw in the "Fame School". Daniel was one of only two boys in the performance.

We were VERY proud parents in watching Daniel's engagement as can be seen on the left. On the right he is "under a lot of pressure" (his face can hardly be seen in the left hand corner)

July: In brilliant weather, the family started the Summer Cruise early in July and brought us north along the Swedish West coast to Stenungssund, from where the family returned to Denmark after 2 weeks of wonderful weather.

Jorgen, who had decided to have one week extra decided to sail home "Via Norway", with the purpose of visiting past and present friends..

Left: First Port of Call was Ormelet (Tjøme) to visit Kjell Caspersen and his family. He is an old friend from the study days in Copenhagen back in 1970-73. I was invited to join them for dinner.

Latter in the evening, I was offered to borrow a bike which could bring me to Vasser where I met up with Trine and Eric in their wonderful summerhouse next to the sea  The picture (right) is taken around midnight...

In Sandefjord, I met up with my old friend Jens Frølich and his wife Magda.

I was invited to dinner, which completed the celebration of "Mary Lou" which turned 42 years on the same day (14 July).

The following day, Jens took me for a trip in his farst going day cruiser, which brought us to see the family Bruusgaard in Eftang, Larvik. As Karsten is a "work-a-hollic" we soon left for Starvern for scrimps and white vine, which Jens so nicely had catered for

Like the past years we spent one week in a summer house together with Jorgen's sister Hanne and her 3 children.

This time we decided in changing venue from Denmark to Brittany which resulted in 5200 km's driving... It was, however, every kilometer worth, especially as the weather was very nice with a reasonable temperature around 25 degrees Celsius, where the rest of Europe suffered very high temperatures and high humidity.

We visited the very interesting island - St. Michel - and on the more grim scale, the Memorial Park at Omaha Beach in Normady, "food for thought"...

As on the outbound trip, we stayed with Hanne and her family in Naarden and spent some time showing the boys charming Amsterdam. 

August: After returning from a brilliant holiday, the weather changed to the what is more "normal" for July, but not the normal August weather. It was good timing as all had to go back to "work".

September: Brought back the focus  "www.CyprusHomes.dk" and a continued effort to sell properties in Cyprus and The Greek Islands of Crete, Paros and Santorini.

This is from an exhibition in Fredericia and later - in November - we had one in Copenhagen where Suzanne got her "Face-to-face" debut in the property business...

October / November: Brought the birthdays of the boys.

Michael turned 8 on 16 October and Daniel 10 years on 3 November. These were celebrated on the respective days as well as for their friends in school as we decided to make a "Birthday" weekend having 12 boys on the Saturday and 15 on the Sunday.....

December: Left:  assembly of Daniel's class to prepare for Christmas.

Below: Christmas baking

Above: We are doing the traditional "Dinner Transportable" for Jorgen's aunt (98 years) as she prefers to stay at home.

Right: Another tradition is the Christmas lunch with Suzanne's family.