Tour 18/3
Don's 60 Years Dinner
Property Trip
Dinner 19/3
Paphos Chineese
Summer Cruise

Friday 17/3: Late arrival to wonderful Coral Beach Hotel, followed by a warm welcome by Trine & "Don" with plenty of the local food and drinks. All of this was followed by international entertainment, with "Elvis" as the peak performer. Incredible, what our hosts could manage ! but - in a way - we should not be surprised !

No pictures available - from me at least.

Saturday 18/3: After a very professional introduction to Cyprus and Leptos by Andros Coronas, we were invited on a buss tour to see a variety of properties and were invited into the homes of some of the Norwegians on Cyprus. Lunch was taken in the tranquil Kamaras Club. Photos

The dinner - Don's Birthday dinner - was a warming experience, with nice food, wine and local entertainment, not to mention Karsten's Dias show over parts of Don's life, only surpassed by Christoffer and Haakon's VERY professional and sweet contribution. With sons like that you are surely blessed... Photos

Sunday 19/3: The group was split in various activities, such as Golf, Sightseeing in Paphos and property trips. Here is photos from the latter.

In spite of Don's "threats" of not joining us for dinner due to the "poor" restaurant and food we had a very entertaining dinner in Tala Village, where we even were amused by a "Kentucky Fried Chicken" look-a-like Viking


Monday 20/3: The group were again split the various activities, after which we checked into the Paphos Garden Hotel. --> Photos from Sightseeing trip to Troodos Mountains and a splendid lunch in one of the mountain villages.

Dinner was taken in the hotel by some and some fancied an evening in Paphos in a local Chinese Restaurant, which was soon empty from other guest and properly leaving the staff with a "solid" idea about Scandinavians... --> Photos showing the lively dinner

Tuesday 21/3: It was regrettably time to head home to the snow covered North. With two VERY early departures the group were brought to the airport, all agreeing that only the warmest thanks could be given to Trine & Don for their fantastic initiative and impressing organisation of this GIGANTIC party.

No doubt that this event will stay with all for a VERY long time

Thanks a lot to you both, this was surely great, and a hard one to beat for us under 60....