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"Mary Lou" and skipper started from Skovshoved on 2 August 2012. After a stop over in Falsterbo Kanalen, I continued to Ystad to pick-up Michael, returning from Summercamp on the island of Bornholm. As Michael had not had any sleep the previous night, it was decided to make the days trip rather short and went to Kåseberga .

Beside being a cosy harbour with good availability and variety of fish, it is also known for "Ales stenar" ( Ale's Stones), which consists of "stone ship" 67 meters long formed by 59 large boulders of Sandstone, weighing up to 1.8 t each. According to Scanian folklore, a legendary king called "King Ale" lies buried there.

The next morning (5 August) we sailed the rather short distance to Simrishamn. This was caused by a tense and interesting program on the London Olympics...

On 6 August we continued into the Bay of Hanö, which always present a sailor with "interesting conditions". This time, we got rather high waves compared to the wind force. Only in the late afternoon, the wind "caught up" with the waves and we got a fresh sailing into Utklippan.

06.08.12 at 2000 hrs Utklippan (Trip: 53 and total 153 nm)

7 August. In increasing wind (SSW 10-12 m/s) we  continued the about 48 nm to Kalmar.

We had agreed, that the majority of Michael's remaining hollidays, should be spend in Stockholm, so we had to continue with rather long distances per day.

8 August was no exception and we sailed 58 nm to reach Klintemåla .

Below left: Michael is steering "Mary Lou" to the harbour. Below Right: Typical Swedish landscape.

9 August: We had planned for more, but we were low on fuel and spent a long time finding where to get it. As the wind was strong from NE we decided stay in Västervik to see the town and arrange for provision. 

10 August: We picked up the speed again and sailed 56 nm to get to Arkösund. View from the harbour on the right.

11 August: We left 0800, leaving time to have lunch in Oxelössund. After lunch we headed towards "Södertäjle Canal" to enter into Mälaren, the lake in which most of Stockholm is situated. We realised that we did not have the time to reach the last opening of the lock (sluse) at 2130 hours and decided to stay in Skansholmen for the night.

12 August: "Most of the crew" were on deck at 0630 hours, when Mary Lou started to reach the first opening of the lock at 0830 and arrived in good time 0825. The passage took only 15 min., in which time she was lifted by 60 cm above Sea level..


To enter Stockholm from Mälaren is highly recommended as you get a clear understanding of the Capital being referred to as: "The Nordic Venice".

To "return to the Sea" we left Mälaren via the Hammerby Lock (right). There is no tull to pay when you enter the Mälaren, but you have to pay to "get out"...

After the passage of the lock and having waited fairly long to have a bridge opende, we arrived to the central Guest harbour in Stockholm - Wasa Hamnen - after having sailed a distance of 430 nm since Skovshoved..

13 August: We unpacked to bikes and did a sightseeing of Stockholm, including a visit to the "Wasa Ship"

14 August: Was a sad day where the crew was reduced as Michael had to return to school. We went to Arlanda Airport, where he took the plane back to Denmark.

15 August: I had invited a few ex. collegues for a "farewell drink" on board "Mary Lou". One had left work and moved to Finland, one was travelling, one had an extensive meeting agenda, one had other arrangements, etc. It made me appreciate, that I had retired :-). One arrived - Gunnar Millde - and we enjoyed to meet after many years of little contact. An "extra bonus" was that Gunnar invited me to his cottage on "Björkholm" outside Stockholm on my return from Helsinki.

16 August: In the morning "Mary Lou" left Wasa Hamnen, setting sail for Helsinki.